101 things you never wanted to know.

  1. I am not a girly girl
  2. A good portion of my wardrobe is pink
  3. My favorite vehicle was a purple Dodge Dakota sport
  4. I have a crush on Joe from Blue’s Clues
  5. I have been to Japan
  6. I did not like being in Japan because I didn’t like being illiterate
  7. I spent seven years as a stay at home mom
  8. I dream of having a breast reduction
  9. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep since 2001  Let the sleeping commence!
  10. I dislike answering my phone
  11. I also dislike returning calls
  12. I’m horrible at small talk
  13. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life?  Cheezits.  Cheddar Jack Cheezits.
  14. I have one cat and could easily see myself becoming an old cat lady.
  15. If you rub my ears, I fall asleep.
  16. I know all the words to the movie “Sixteen Candles”
  17. I could also live off of pre-made chocolate milk (like the kind from the dorm cafeteria)
  18. I have a B.A. in technical theatre and a B.A. in English composition.
  19. I procrastinate.
  20. Despite a career in the arts, I have very little creative ability.  I have an eye for color and a wicked sense of timing though.
  21. Things I will drink at a bar:  Vodka (all its forms and flavors) and Miller Lite
  22. I say rude things to strangers in my head
  23. I read everything very quickly
  24. I am an Aries.  But I don’t act like one.
  25. I can crochet but only square or rectangle things
  26. The two best smells in the world:  my mother and a breastfed baby.
  27. My counters are always cluttered
  28. My children were all cloth diapered
  29. I am best suited for work that involves delegation, supervision and donuts.
  30. I once ran five miles and it was the hardest physical thing I have ever done.
  31. Which is saying something because all my kids were birthed without drugs.
  32. I find the same things funny that 12-year-old boys find funny.
  33. I am a fair-weather camper
  34. I have one brother and one sister, both younger
  35. Up until about four years ago, I had all four grandparents alive.  Now I have three.
  36. Favorite book of all time:  A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving
  37. When asked my favorite color I always say purple to be different.  But I really mean blue.
  38. I have worn contact lenses since the sixth grade.
  39. I have worn a bra since fourth grade.  Or should have.
  40. I am turned on by a man playing the piano
  41. I am going to be a birth doula when I grow up
  42. Diabetes runs in my family and that scares me
  43. My girls both have the genetic condition that killed their father and that scares me too
  44. Ella was named the day I peed on the stick
  45. I want to live in Vermont someday.  Or Washington.
  46. I own five pairs of Birkenstocks
  47. I enjoy doing laundry but detest cleaning the kitchen sink (suck it, flylady)
  48. I cry when I am really angry
  49. And when I’m frustrated
  50. And when I’m tired
  51. And when I’m hungry
  52. But rarely when I’m actually sad
  53. I learned to drive a stick and operate a vehicle in the same day
  54. I have a commercial driver’s license
  55. I love driving a box truck, anytime or anywhere.
  56. I love pre-1970’s musical theatre
  57. I once stole a Garfield book from my elementary school book fair
  58. And the matching bookmark
  59. I still have both of them in a box somewhere
  60. I bought my own Cabbage Patch Kid when I was ten because my mom didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t
  61. I will not consume anything that is artificially flavored like banana or cinnamon
  62. I would love to be a dancer
  63. I bite my fingernails
  64. My middle name is Alice
  65. I love grocery shopping
  66. I hate clothes shopping
  67. Unless it is for the little girls
  68. I have enough underwear to last two months
  69. And socks for three
  70. The last movie I saw was Harry Potter 7, part 2
  71. I would like one more child.  At least.
  72. I get geeked out for the first day of school
  73. I can make cookies without a written recipe
  74. I can never shake the feeling that I’m responsible
  75. I will eat anything that contains both chocolate and peanut butter
  76. I love staying in hotels
  77. I crashed my first 10-speed bike into a parked car
  78. I have been in love exactly twice  Make that three times.
  79. Corporate and/or political propaganda makes me itchy.
  80. My children were all breastfed
  81. I think cauliflower and blue cheese both smell like farts
  82. My sister and I were not friends until we started drinking together in college
  83. I still believe that beer is the great uniter
  84. Punchline to my favorite joke:  “No, that’s just a little mayonnaise from my sandwich.”
  85. I was raised Lutheran
  86. I will probably die a Lutheran
  87. I wish I could play the guitar
  88. I do best in a “supporting” role
  89. I never look directly at myself in the mirror
  90. I love cheese in all its forms
  91. I am a very nosy person
  92. I take personal offense at bad grammar and spelling and speech
  93. I will eat chicken fried steak anywhere and at any time
  94. I have a crush on Jim from “The Office”
  95. I will probably never own a house
  96. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
  97. If I knowingly break a rule, I will always get caught
  98. I look like my dad but talk like my mom
  99. I walk slow as a general rule
  100. My laptop and ipod are both mint green  (laptop died)
  101. I love bacon.  Thick cut, chewy bacon.

4 thoughts on “101 things you never wanted to know.

  1. I knew most of them. The only big shock to me..your middle name and crashing your ten speed bike into a car. I do not recall an ungraceful moment together…well on your part.

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