5 years ago today…

…I married my best friend.

We met on a double date. He with his wife (yes, he was married before but before you jump to anything, no, I’m not a homewrecker) and me with the loser they were setting me up with. I worked with his ex in the same building at the university. She was nice enough and I was new to town so we started hanging out. As it turned out, she was a bit crazy. She left him to move to NYC and become Carrie Bradshaw. Not kidding. (she also left him $14K in credit card debt…always get a lawyer…he didn’t and now we’re still paying it off) They divorced and Stephen and I stayed friends. We hung out on Sunday nights to watch the Sopranos and sometimes went to the bar with a bunch of people he worked with.

We were really good friends. And then, one night, over hot wings and the X Men dvd, it became more than that. A little brush of the hand and fingers intertwined. And my darting eyes…OMG>>>OMG>>>OMG>>>What’s happening?

2 days later, a party and a little kiss here and there.

2 days later, a softball game and post game at the bar. Some pitchers of beer, flirting, shooting pool and kicked out at last call. I never spent another night in my own apartment.

1 day later, a real date. I paid.

We were married one year from our first real date. He proposed on Halloween (2001), carving “Will you marry me” into a pumpkin. The diamond is small-ish (1/2ct.) but flawless. And he designed the setting himself. Oh, and he called my dad to ask.

On Valentines Day, Will was conceived. (PS-rose petals stain down comforters…ask me how I know…heh, heh) We were married June 29, 2002. I was 21 weeks. We honeymooned in Montreal and Burlington, VT.

I love him so much, it aches. We don’t fight and we never have. We don’t say things that we know will hurt the other. We’re not into PDA but we always hold hands even in public. He’s always been supportive of me and is the hardest working man I know. He did so much overtime just so I could stay home with Ella. He always chooses to come home to his girls instead of going out with the kitchen guys. The kids were all Bradley births and he was the best person to have with me when they were born. He knew what I needed without asking. He would get up with me when Ella was tiny and rub my back so my milk would let down or talk to me so that I wasn’t by myself at night.

We’ve known each other for 7 years. I want so much more time. So much more.


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