Stephen had some chemo yesterday which he came through fine. About 4:30 he started having trouble talking and coughing. And he sounded rattley. At 6:00 they transfered him to the ICU and ordered a CT.

In the 5 days since his last CT, the tumors in his lungs have gotten considerably worse. He is in respiratory failure. He’s on a C-PAP and he uses his whole chest to breathe. He’s panicing…I can see it in his eyes. This is hard to watch.

I had to decide to put a DNR order on him last night. He doesn’t want to live by machine. This is going too quick. So, so quick.

I’m home to take a shower and try to get a nap in and then do it all over again tonight. Everyone is coming from everywhere. My parents just got here. My sister is on her way.


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