Looking to move.

If I wouldn’t make such good cookies, maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to eat them all! Now there’s a thought. It’s like “just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean it looks good on you”. That’s the royal “you” by the way. And by “you” I mean “me”. I’d like to think that I’m a really good cook but I’m actually a really good baker. My chocolate chip cookies are so lovely if I do say so myself. Ella and I made them Monday after her (our) nap and I have just about eaten my way through the batch. I also make good french baguette bread and a crustless quiche. Stephen was the creative cook with ingredients and spices and sauces but I am the baker.

It’s been a month. Today. Officially. And, like all days good and bad, it came and it went. It’s still awfully quiet and I think that’s why I’ve been hanging out with the Divas so much. 

I looked at a new place today. It’s down the street from Robyn’s and has had a “for rent” sign in the yard for a week. She got on me today about calling them. I’m in my current lease here until May. But this place is a dump. The landlord’s giveashitter has been broken for a few years and it shows. If I were a student it wouldn’t be so bad but a single mama with 2 kiddos and it’s embarassing. But this new place is, well, new. The house isn’t new (duplex actually) but it’s been gutted and everything in it is new. Windows, floors, furnace, deck, dishwasher (!)…it’s like heaven compared to where I live now. But it’s about 2/3 the square footage and not alot of storage. But there’s an attached garage with a garage door opener. How about that? And, it’s the same rent as what I pay now. I just have to try to get out of my lease. Do I play the “death in the family” card? And, I’m not sure I’m ready to go through all of this stuff much less move it across town. The lady (who I used to work with at the University, no less) is ready to rent it like today. And would like to rent it to me. The best part, really, is that it’s in a good, safe neighborhood close to a good school and within walking distance to a park and Robyn’s house.

The girls and I traveled to Jorie’s house and had a fun afternoon. Ella and Ian played really well together and I had 2 sleeping children for the ride home. Sorry about that bug juice thing, Marjorie. I got to peek at her stash and, for the record, her boys have the best dress-up stuff ever and it’s all mama made! Once again, looking at other mama’s sewing makes me want to dust off the Bernina. I also picked up my DIY from forever ago.  The poly prints turned out so well and there’s some ooga booga too. Not to tease those of you in the stash game. But the poly prints are so choice. If you have the means, I highly suggest picking some up.

I’m going to attempt to go to bed earlier. These girls are up like at 7am every day since the time change. Oh, and Amelia looks like she’s getting sick. Let’s hope not. I don’t need that with everything else going on.


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