2 week old crusty oatmeal (aka Home Again)

Ah, home sweet home. As a sidenote, who leaves town for 2 weeks with dishes in the sink? I do. Ugh. 2 week old crusted on oatmeal to deal with in the morning. That, and, there is no milk or juice to be found anywhere. This will be a fun morning. We got home about 2 hours after I wanted to be home. The trip was quick (the driving part that is) but it was very dark when we hit town and I wasn’t about to unleash 2 pink tornadoes upon the grocery store that late at night.. So, ice water it is until we can get to the store.They ate easy mac for supper followed by goldfish crackers. How’s that for nutrition? While they were buckled into their respective booster seats, I unloaded the van. And turned my ankle on the curb. So there I sat, in the dark, crying and holding my twisted ankle and skinned knee. It’s just those moments of, What am I doing?? How am I going to do this?? Luckily nobody choked on their noodles before I could manage getting into the house but my van is still full. I got the toiletry bag in but that was it.

Let’s see here…other fun things from the trip…

Ella got her first haircut. Almost 3 1/2 and her first haircut. We took her to a place in Omaha that my sister recommended called “ponytails and buzzcuts”. Totally cute. The park the kiddos on chairs that look like firetrucks and airplanes and put on a movie so that they sit still. Totally works. And, because it was her first haircut, they took before and after pics and framed it for me with a lock of her hair. Turns out, it was a pricier haircut than most of mine have ever been. Ever. But she has bangs and her hair is much easier to care for. She has thin hair still and it’s hard to keep in any kind of hair thingy. Or she takes it out and then had hair in her eyes. So, bangs it shall be.

Amelia ate a purple crayon in its entirety at my mom’s house. It came out. Turns out that it didn’t hurt her in the least but if it were up to my dad, she would have gone to the ER. I would have rather stabbed my eyes with hot pokers than spend an evening in a city ER.

We had a nice visit with David, Stephen’s brother from San Francisco. We made plans to go out and see him this spring. That should be fun. We didn’t get much time alone with him. He was really in town to be with HIS friends which is fine. I just really wanted to be with him. The two people closest to Stephen other than me were his brother and his dad and I would do anything to be in a room with the both of them right about now.

Baby, I miss you so much I’m actually hurting inside. Hurts.


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