Packing paralysis.

In hindsight, it hasn’t been a bad start to the week. There are lots of things checked off the list.

Amelia’s 15 month well child check (at almost 16 months). Check.
Picked out, ordered, paid for and scheduled delivery (to my new house) a queen size bed. Check.
Bought sheets and a shower curtain. Check.
Called utility company. Check.

Lots to do yet. And moving day is a mere 11 days away. Not a single thing is packed. I’m going to say this out loud and I probably shouldn’t but I hope my current house just burns down so I don’t actually have to move anything and I can start over. Okay not really. And I’ll never mention it again. But I hate moving with the white hot heat of a thousand suns.

It’s not that we have too much. It’s not even the girls and all their stuff. I just wasn’t mentally ready to move until spring. I haven’t even done Stephen’s laundry from the hospital. It’s still in a bag in front of my washer. And the plants are all dying from neglect. There are things here that pre-date my life with him. Like his high school letter jacket and all the Christmas ornaments from his childhood. What about all that stuff? It’s not mine. Really, really not mine. And I can’t get anyone from his family here to come and get it.

I don’t have him but I do have his worldly possessions. Do you see why I have some packing paralysis going on here? What would he want me to do with all that stuff?

The other thing is that packing with 2 littles in tow is like shoveling while it’s still snowing. I pack. They unpack. Systematically. And I can’t leave the packed anything around because they feel compelled to open it. It’s like a button that *must* be pushed. Daycare is starting to sound good.

I understand why daycare exists. Peoples gots to work. I get that. But what I’ve never understood (until recently) are the snotty SAHMs in our preschool playgroup who send their kids to daycare a couple of half days a week (or whole days depending on who you talk to) to have “me” time. Really? What a luxury. What’s that you speak of? Who is this “me” person? I haven’t met her. Maybe I should put her on the Wal-mart missing persons board.

I could use some time for myself. Some “me” time if you will. I would…go to the dentist. Or the eye doctor. Or take a walk? Pack and move my whole house. Yeah, yeah.

I did learn something today. Biscuits and gravy for supper isn’t a hit for the 3-and-under set. I thought it sounded good. It was a mistake. Gravy, apparently, is just for potatoes. Of which we didn’t have any. Total meltdown. On the upside they were in bed before 7. And what did I do with all that time? You’re looking at it. That, and a cup of Tazo “Calm” tea. And I picked up the toy bomb so at least it looks like I did something.


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