A change will do us good.

We’re in the home stretch on the packing thing with 2 days to go. And I have some more people lined up to pack the truck and help move furniture.

Note to self: next time, sell everything and move somewhere warm

I detest the cold. I hate bundling children and then the carseats don’t fit right. I hate finding mittens and fighting to keep hats on. I miss the days of grab your kids and go. But it’s has a cozy feeling on the lazy days where there’s nowhere to be. Ahhh…

I really think that I”m expecting too much out of this move. My brain says that it has to be better. That it will clear our heads and our hearts. That I don’t have to run into all of his stuff all day every day. I have 3 totes here of his stuff (and counting) that I can go through when I feel like it. I’m going to make the suggested “daddy bears” from some of his shirts that I can’t bear to give away. I’ll even make one for myself. I’m looking forward to the project. A change of scenery will do us good.

I’m going to pretend that we are moving into a camper and unload just the essentials. And put the rest into storage in the basement. I know that they are there if I need them. I can get at all of it. I just don’t want to overload my new house. I want a place for everything…something that I don’t have here.

As we are packing and sorting, I find myself talking to Stephen. Trying to remember the sound of his voice. What would he say about keep/trash/donate? My problem is that I want to keep everything or see it on to a new home. I don’t want to just heap it into the goodwill boxes to have it go to an anonoymous, faceless person. I know it’s for people who need it but still…it’s a mental thing. On the other hand, I have about 4 new sweatshirts, 4 new long sleeve shirts, and 2 tees. I also have a fleece jacket and a pair of gloves that weren’t mine but are highly functional.

And then there are the baby things. I have somebody who wants the swing but….I haven’t offered anything else. Part of me wants it gone because, logically, another baby isn’t in my future. But it’s another thing that I want to go to a good home. This is soo hard.

I want to sit in his closet and bury myself and just have a cry. I’d do it right now but I have 2 sleeping girls in my bed because my mom is in Ella’s bed.

Turns out, the girls go to sleep faster, more independently and stay asleep longer when they sleep in the same bed. I wonder what would happen if I chucked the twin bed on one side, toddler bed on the other side and, instead, got them a full size bed? What do we think of that? The both want to sleep next to someone (usually me because I’m convenient) but they are doing great next to each other. Something else to ponder.

If you must move, go the tote route. Everything is the same size and can fit alot of stuff. And there’s no sealing tape. I was going to color code them but they are all Christmas colors this time of year. So everything in my house is packed into green totes. Not everything. Some things are in cardboard but not much.

My computer gets shut down Saturday, early AM and won’t be back on until sometime Monday. Cut a foot off, why don’t you? I was even going to post pictures of my new pile of bricks before and after…I have to find my camera first.


2 thoughts on “A change will do us good.

  1. Hello you don’t me.. I just stumbled upon your blogs. I never really have read anything like these b4 guess i didn’t know they existed! Anyways could you please tell me what are daddy bears? I want to learn to make things for my kids just in case, one day you never know.. Anyways thank you.. I have read a lot of your blogs. I am going in order so i am not far,lol..

    • Hi Lachelle–

      A “daddy bear” is a handmade stuffed bear (like a teddy bear) made from his clothing. Sadly, I’ve never gotten around to doing this. I have the shirts saved, I have the pattern. I just sort of forgot to do it. Thanks for reminding me and happy reading!

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