Rescue me.

Last night after I logged off Divas, I couldn’t sleep. Instead of succumbing to taking an Ambien (and being groggy in the morning), I got up and packed my pantry. I finished that around 1am and thought to myself, “Self, I sure hope your kids sleep in tomorrow.”

I think the kids heard me talking.

Ella woke up, talking to herself or in her sleep, at 6:15am. Amelia heard her and rolled over and started poking her. All of a sudden, we’re awake! Forfuckssake!! Are you kidding me??

An hour later, I hear my mom getting up. That’s right. She’s snowed in and won’t be leaving until this afternoon. Does she come in and resuce me? No. So Amelia is acting tired still so I start to nurse her back to sleep. Ella demands breakfast at that point since Curious George was over. I send her down to Grammy.

Apparantly, when you’re 3 and still tired, Grammy doesn’t do anything right. So Ella came to my bedside where Amelia had just fallen asleep and I was well on my way.

“Mommy, you need to get me a snack and clean up the juice.”
“Ask Grammy to help you”
“No! YOU need to do it!”

And Amelia’s up. Fine. Super.

I just want to cry. There’s so much to do. And nobody to take my kids today. I just put Ella in her room for a “nap” because I couldn’t handle her anymore without being mean. Too much to do. And 3″ of fresh powder to clean off my van and to track into my brand, spanking new carpet.


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