Setting up nerd corner.

Did I mention that two 3 year olds packed my stash? They did. Into tiny boxes the size of cereal boxes. Like 45 of them. Today, I started unpacking them.

My girls need to learn to nap concurrently instead of consecutively. They collectively slept like 5 hours today but only 10 minutes of overlap anywhere. Ugh. But I had lots of time alone with each of them. They played and I reassembled a shelf that formerly stored canned goods and started unpacking all of my fabric. I’m trying to get it all into one place but I think I’m going to need another shelf. How sad is that? Or, I need to sell some of it off which is what I should be doing.

Oh, but the velours and colored sherpas, oh my. I plumb forgot about some of it. I feel like that ebay commercial with the “shop victoriously” slogan. All of the velours and sherpas were coop finds and I feel lucky that I even got them. I feel that way about every coop to be honest. I won’t get started on coops. But I haven’t really been into actually making anything for a while. I can’t really explain what it was like to touch all of the yummy materials. It’s like coming home.

I have big plans for “nerd corner”. My brother has a corner of his basement with all of is hobby stuff: computers and receivers and whatnot electronics. He’s a HR guy so it really is a hobby of his. But he calls it “nerd corner”. My plans involve a 6 foot banquet table, a second shelf and (the end all, be all) the butcher block that was in my former kitchen (turned meth lab probably) will now be soley for my snap press and all of the paraphenalia to go with that…dies, hole punch, pliers and all of my snaps. I’ll be able to cut something out, have both my serger and sewing machine set up and be able to see TV.

Now, what to do about those pesky children…

Just kidding. We had a really good day. I’m trying to teach Ella all the Christmas songs I know. So far, we’re stuck on Jingle Bells. I want to teach her Fa La La La La but no luck.

A friend and her DH wanted to go Christmas shopping together so they brought over their 2 little people to play with my 2 little people. Their kids are 6 months older than each of mine. If that makes sense. But the 4 of them together look related. Actually they look like Hitler youth. Blue eyes and blond hair all around. When we are in public, people mistake the older 2 (Ella and her DS) for twins. It’s cute, really. Her DH has been great about offering to do things around the house (manly things) but I’m trying to learn to do it myself.

And it hurts too much. He’s really great about playing with the girls and Amelia has really taken to him. Actually, she really takes to everyone’s daddy. I think it’s her way of trying to find her own. Or missing her own. Or I’m thinking too hard. But it’s hard to watch.

Remember what my wish was for this holiday? I wanted to spend time with my girls in my house and have Santa find us here. I wanted to go to my own church and have a meal with Robyn and her family. My mom calls today and says that dad can’t get off work for New Years (they were planning to come here) so, instead, they are coming here for Christmas.

I guess I don’t get what I want. She says that she “wants nothing more than to spend Christmas with me and if I don’t want to travel that’s fine with her…she’ll travel to us”. WTF. There goes my relaxing 2 days. Not that a holiday means anything different when you are unemployed and home with 2 little people all day. But I really wanted to hang out in our PJs all weekend and play with the new toys. Now, I have to plan, shop and cook for extra people (they are restaurant owners so they never, ever eat out or want to eat out…waste of money they say). They aren’t getting a hotel room so I have to get out the Aerobed. As a sidenote, an Aerobed brand bed is a good investment. We’ve used ours dozens of times in the 3 years we’ve owned it. They can’t sleep in the living room because my dad can’t stand the thought of somebody “catching” him asleep. Weird quirk. So Ella will sleep with me and they will set up camp in her room. So…I won’t sleep well the entire time they are here because Ella sleeps noisy and moves often.

I guess there’s always Groundhog’s Day to look forward to.

Please, please can this year end?


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