Kindness of strangers.

I’m continually overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. This afternoon, I took Ella to school and came home to put Amelia to bed and have some quiet time for myself. A random person comes and knocks on my door. She looks like a Hillary staffer if you know what I mean. Turns out, she was the friend of a friend of the owners of the restaurant where Stephen used to work. They belong to a mom’s group at their church and they wanted to do something for us for Christmas.

She goes to her car and comes back with 2 giant TRU bags full of packages for the girls. They all went shopping together and wrapped everything together. They really wanted to do something. For us. How amazing is that? Who does that? She doesn’t even know us personally. Never met us. I was really sad that my kids weren’t around for her to meet them but I promised to take lots of pictures.

I never even got her name. She never said and I was so shocked that I never thought to ask.

Off to bed now. Night 3 unmedicated so we’ll see. I did share a half a bottle of wine with a girlfriend who has recently (and reluctantly) weaned and she was celebrating. We both needed a little pick me up tonight. I’m grateful for the visit.

Completely off topic but I really think that it is physically impossible for a woman to win Biggest Loser. They should just have men on that show and be done with it.


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