Actual letter to landlord.

Here is the actual e-mail sent to skeezey ex-property manager (actual landlord is very absent, except to cash checks apparently). I thought it got the point across without being a total B.


I’m not sure if my forwarding address has gotten passed on to you or not. Mr. Buckley has it and I was told to leave it with Kurt. I have received neither my rent back or any kind of acknowledgement so I’m sending it right to you.

I do have to say that I’m disappointed in how this played out. I have lived there for nearly 4 years and, yet, the attitude that I got from everyone involved is the “get em in, get em out” attitude that the students get. I am an adult with a family and feel like I deserved a little bit of respect. Which I didn’t get since nobody bothered to contact me to see if I was gone or not. There were belongings still in the residence including a king size bed so at the very least, a phone call should have been in order.

Here is what I’m expecting, no later than January 6th (30 days after I “vacated”) but sooner than later would be great.

1) Full return of $600 security deposit.
2) Return of 23 days rent: $482.25

Please send to:
Jennifer Kxxxx
320 blahblah Road
Blahity Blah, IA xxxxx
phone numbers went here

Please let me know when this is in the mail so I know when to look for it.

–Jennifer Kxxxx

Too much? Too little? At any rate, it was sent Thursday morning and has yet to generate a response. I’m afraid if I call it will be like I’m looking for cashola. Which I am, of couse. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever see a dime but I intend to be a nuisance.

I have a cure for my insomnia. My old sheets. I got some new sheets to go with my new bed and they just aren’t broken in enough. But my king size sheets tuck in nicely and they are oh, so familiar. I actually slept longer than my kids this morning for which I paid for dearly in the form of toilet paper all over the living room, Ella had already changed clothes 3 times and Amelia was picking birdseed out from under the stove.

Know what I found on itunes today? You know the Rice Krispies commercial in black in white where the mom and kid are stopping to listen to the cereal and it’s so sweet that it almost could make me cry if I were pregnant. It’s a version of “Somewhere over the Rainbow” done by a Hawaiian artist. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but I keep listening to it over and over. It’s the best dollar I’ve ever spent.

You people and your cubes. I was putting away more of my stash today and started setting aside cube materials. And my kids are almost too old for it. I guess I’ll have to make it for someone else’s kid. Speaking of stash. I *heart* my stash. But it’s really gotten out of control. I feel like I want to just display all of it and not mess it up by actually doing something. My crayons were the same way. I was stunned into uncreativeness by the volume of choices. But between the cubes, crayon rolls and eco-shoppers, I’m ready to do it.


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