At least it’s over now.

So, let’s not talk about Christmas or how my Christmas was. Except to say that Santa was a big hit around here. Ella was so cute this morning sneaking out of her room to look and see if he’d been here. She got the Loving Family Dollhouse and Amelia got a AG Bitty Baby. Other than that, my kids made out like bandits from all the extended family and folks who care. They were the definite recipients of all those people who still want to do something.

Speaking of which, look who came to live at our house courtesy of someone on the Diva Congo:

How cute are they? They have hats to match their sweaters but the hats are currently being re-purposed on other critters. So, thanks to Beth in Michigan (there wasn’t a note so I don’t know your screen name…eek) but the girls love the bears. And, frankly, so do I. The curly, fuzzy one I’ve already adopted. She’s so squishy.

List of stupid things said to me over the weekend:
“You are all these girls have.” –Dad
“I know this is hard for you.”–Funeral Director, also goes to my church
“Take time to cherish your memories”–Grandma
“I redid your closet. Now all your hangers are white.”–Mom

and the kicker…

“You look tired. You know, your mom stayed home with you kids until you were all in school. You should ask her how she got through it.”–Dad

I know that they all mean well, especially my dad. He really does. But he doesn’t have a clue. He’s spouting advice all weekend about how to upkeep and make better my home by organization and cleaning. Really? No kidding. Oh and the parenting advice. Really? I didn’t know that. I don’t think that he understands what it’s like to be a mother much less a single mother. And I don’t know that he really understands that I’m still in survival mode.

And, I really don’t think that they ever found out that I didn’t want them here in the first place.

I know that my mom was tickled to be with us (despite her annoyance at the pure number of gifts that my children received…I can’t control what comes into the house in this situation so get off my back) and there were no food battles but there was still plenty of cooking and cleaning up and badgering Ella to eat meals instead of the grazing that she usually does.

We could have just used the time for ourselves. But all is calm now. Until 8am.

I offered to babysit a little girl that goes to our church. She’s almost 2. She’s also a little brat. Full on temper tantrums. She doesn’t play well with others. I don’t know why I said that I would. I guess I’m just hoping that the babysitting karma will catch up to me and someone will offer to watch my kids sometime.

On a lighter note, here’s some playsilk yumminess:

18 playsilks dyed in 3 hours. And our kids are all still playing with them. Must. Have. More. Playsilks.


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