Making pie.

Ella is sick. She has the same crud that Amelia had last weekend and I had midweek. The distinction is that she refuses any medicine at all. She’s sleeping at the moment but I can tell she isn’t well. She’s very clingy and hasn’t eaten a thing. She was up alot last night. That’s all hindsight of course. When I was up with her for the 3rd time in a night last night I was quite frustrated and not at all patient. She wanted to sleep with me and I wouldn’t let her. Letting her sleep with me is at the expense of my own sleep.

Ella slept with us until she was 20 months. Amelia is still sleeping with me although I’d give my right na-na to have her sleep in her own bed. I’m over it.

I made a pumpkin pie yesterday afternoon. I’ve never made one. I made it for a friend who has never had pumpkin pie.

Let that sit for a minute. Who has never had pumpkin pie, or at least tried it? Not very many people. I’m trying to get her to be more brave about her food. I probably shouldn’t project my own eating habits (which are not great and currently consist of oatmeal teddy grahams dipped in cream cheese frosting from a can) onto other people. But at least I consume a few vegetables every once in a while and experiment a little in the kitchen. Not as much as I used to because I don’t have anyone willing to share in the fruits (and meats) of my labor. So it’s not worth it. I miss it.


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