Beans and weenies.

In 20 days we are flying to Donna, TX. This is where the ILs “winter”. FIL retired early from HP and they are the youngest people in their retirement “community”. The girls and I are spending 8 days there. He wanted to fly us there for Christmas but I said no way, no how to flying during the holidays. Step-MIL called today to talk to Ella (they are buddies) and to reiterate how excited they are for us to be there. It turns out, her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer a month ago and goes into surgery next week. So she needed to be cheered up. And called me to do it.

Cancer, cancer….everywhere cancer. Has it always been like this or do I just now notice? Maybe I should stop reading the town obits. When will the smell leave my nose? When will the sights stop burning the underside of my eyelids when I sleep? When will Ella stop asking for her daddy in the middle of the night? Or when she’s mad at me?

Daycare is really expensive. Now I remember why I quit work. It turns out that you can’t just take a couple of kids, one of whom is technically an infant, and “drop in” a couple hours a week. Who knew? I didn’t. Until I had some minimum wage college snot practically laugh at me when I told her what I was looking for. Yeesh. I was just asking. Minimum, if they have space, for 2 kids times 2 days a week times the 5 hour minimum per day is like $150/week. That’s a pretty steep price for some “me” time. There goes that route. Off to try something else.

As an added note to self regarding the care and feeding of the under 4 set, beans and weenies are a *hugetastic* hit. Never made that before. They loved it. Every bite. That never happens at my house. I couldn’t touch it even though I knew what was in it. One can VanCamp’s pork n beans, a couple shakes of Lowrey’s seasoning salt and a spoonful of brown sugar. Stir. Cut up 2 hot dogs. Stir. Nuke for 3 minutes. Dinner is served. That’s how we roll. Me? I had 4 nutty bars after the kidlets were out of sight. And a cup of tea. And an orange.

Could the person who packed my good scissors please tell me where they are packed? Thank you. I’d like to get something done and I’m paralyzed without them. Both of them. But where one is, so is they other. They were together on the sewing table when it got packed (by my mother who claims that she didn’t and doesn’t know where they are). I may have to go get some cheapo ones until my good ones turn up.


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