Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should be wearing it.

Today was day five of “Sick kid who doesn’t take medicine.” Not a good scene. So I called the doctor, knowing full well that his nurse is a ditz and that they leave at noon on Wednesdays. One of the partners’ nurses called me back, the one I like. She’s like the grandma that I wish my kids had. Please don’t tell my mom I said that. (As a side note, I call my mom to kvetch that I’m tired and that I have cabin fever and she accuses my kids of getting *her* sick from her visit to my house that, if you remember, I never once invited her for the holidays)

The nurse I love says to come in for a quick strep test. Negative. As we are leaving (and Ella is ransacking the sticker drawer) I ask if somebody can pretty please look in her ears to make sure that there’s nothing going on in there. Aha! Double Ear Infection. The Old Farmer Doctor (who lovely nurse works for…or he works for the nurse, I’m never sure) writes the script and tells me to wait a day to fill it to see if it gets better on its own. Rrriiiigggghhhhtttt….I’ve been living with Sickie McSickerson for 5 days. Like I’m gonna wait. My kids aren’t exactly antibiotic resistant material. This is her first ear infection thankyouverymuch.

3 hours later, she’s medicated and in bed for the night. Amelia only had one nap so she went down early. Me? I cut out 72 6″ squares for my very own cube. Which I will put together tomorrow. I don’t really know if my kids will play with it. If not, I’m sure I can find a good home for it. The material is so darn cute that it will go somewhere for sure. That is if I can get the finger smudges from Nutty Bars off of it.

I think I may have a problem. I feel the need to have treats in the house for when my kids aren’t looking. There is always something where they can’t see it. Nutty Bars are the treat du jour (mmm…I’ll have that). A couple of days ago, it was the banana muffins that Ella and I made with chocolate chips and buttercream frosting. Before that, it was oatmeal teddy grahams and cream cheese frosting. Peppermint ice cream? Check. Oreos? Done that. WTF? Am I a grown woman or a 6 year old? Where are the fresh vegetables? Where is the whole grain?

The quest for the perfect underwear continues. I adore the gap underwear but we do not have one locally and paying shipping for underwear is dumb. Especially when I don’t wear anything else gap. And probably shouldn’t even if I could. I have this mantra “just because they make it in your size, doesn’t make it okay to wear it.” Case in point: leather pants, string bikinis, push up bras…all things that shouldn’t be worn by anyone over size 16. Just like gap doesn’t look good on anyone older than…5. Back to the underwear, I got some Hanes today with the comfort waistband. They look comfy but we’ll see how they wash up. Still looking though for cute and functional. But not cutesy. I don’t do cutesy. Not that anyone is looking at my drawers but everyone’s girly bits deserve some goodness.


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