My very pink eye and I are calling it a night. Never had pinkeye before? Let me explain. Go to the garage and get a piece of 80 grit sandpaper. I’ll wait. Now, tear it into dime size pieces. Do not wash your hands. Insert pieces of sandpaper, one by one, into your lower eyelid pocket. Close your eyes and rub it around. Now, do the same for your upper lid. Wait a minute or two and then remove them. Remember, don’t wash your hands. You want the random sand particles to remain.

That’s pretty much what it feels like. I ended up going to the doctor. We know how I feel about him but I’m pretty sure he thinks that I’m actively stalking him by smearing poop in my eye just to visit. So now I have eye drops to put in every few hours or so. They stink like crazy but I can feel them working a little bit. I’m not so scratchy. And I put a cold pack on my eye while Ella was watching Noggin. Boy, is she going to be POed when the digital cable introductory rate is over in a month or so.

She came back from Robyn’s today with all kinds of questions. “Mommy, Robyn is getting married.” She is already married. “Who?” She’s married to Dean “So you’re getting married.” I was married to Daddy. “Who are you getting married to now.” Nobody. I’m still married to Daddy just like Robyn and Dean are married. “But Dean makes supper and Dean scoops the ice from the driveway.” She is quiet now. “so you make supper” Yes. “And Daddy scoops the driveway and I will make a snowman with him.” You did that last year, remember. “And now I do it with Dean” That’s right, baby.

Punchline: “I will tell Robyn to let Dean marry you, okay mommy because you need Dean.”

This conversation took place over the course of 15 minutes. She was thinking really, really hard trying to piece things together. I dont’ know where she got the whole “marriage” thing. I will have to show her pictures from our wedding. Maybe that will help. Because I don’t think she’s convinced that I am/was married.

I guess I’m technically “single” huh? I don’t feel like it. Not at all. Widowed seems so old but widowed with 2 kids sounds better than single with 2 kids. Makes it sould like I party alot. And we all know the answer to that.


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