They teach independence in preschool.

My flight has been delayed. Oh, the power of the internet. What ever did we do without it? And, a more important question, when was NWA.Com going to call me? As I was leaving for the airport at 5am only to discover that my flight has been canceled due to “airline maintenance”? And don’t you think they could do that when a flight wasn’t scheduled? I mean, there are only 4 flights a day out of this hole so there’s tons of time.

We leave at 2:59pm. That’s right. Naptime. Unless you’re on a TurboProp plane. Noisy. And quite small. We won’t arrive at Grandma and Grandpa’s until 10:35. So I’m stuck in a giant tin can with 2 sleepy kiddos who know that there are endless fruit roll ups, trips to the ice cream store and a swimming pool on the other end of the trip.

Neat. And thanks for that Northwest Airlines. Like I had a choice.

By all rights, I should be in bed. The girls have been asleep since about 6:45. I put them down early because I thought we were leaving the house before dawn. So now, they’ll be up early and so will I. Long day even before it starts. Who thought this was a good idea?

I stayed up to watch The Office which I adore. Everyone except Michael. He can go away. Steve Carell? Quite possibly the most annoying man alive. But then there’s Jim. I have the same crush on him (Jon Krasiniski) as I have on Joe from Blues Clues. Come to think, they look similar and may actually be related. They both have the good hair and the look of interest although for different reasons. At least I’ve figured out my type, right? I also spot cleaned my carpet (egress window guys…and an errant orange marker…and 4 oz of apple juice from a box that Amelia apparently doesn’t understand the concept and how can 4 ounces do that much damage? From the looks of the carpet, TV and box of duplos, it seems like about a gallon) so my time wasn’t wasted.

Ella had school today (thank God) and they are starting their “cooking” unit. They have flour in the sensory table. Ella has been cooking since she was a wee babe. She can’t even see into the mixer and knows the difference between baking soda and baking powder and knows that the eggs, butter and sugar go before the flour and chocolate chips. She also knows how to extract every bit of frosting from the beaters. It’s a gift. So Ella’s new favorite thing at school is playing in the flour which is a step up from washing her hands every 4 minutes and picking paint colors for other friends. At the end of Work and Play time, the teacher (who, currently, is Robyn because Ella’s teacher had a baby boy last Wednesday) gives them a 2 minute warning and sets a timer on the fridge. Kind of like Monday Night Football.

Ella, my independent spirit, knows just how to solve the problem of not being done playing (or not wanting to clean up, I’m not sure). She shuts off the timer when nobody is looking. It took Robyn a few times to figure out who was doing it. My Ella. To her credit, preschool is all about learning independence. It’s a lesson she knows all too well. If we could learn the difference between tattling and reporting, we’d be better off but that’s a different time.

It makes me question the amount of freedom she has been given. The child seems to not have any boundries. She also thinks that because she thinks it, it will be so. “No, you’re not getting the playdoh out” “Sure I will!” she responds.

She makes it hard to enforce my decisions by her positivity. I hate to crush her beliefs in herself.

But, I am the mother, and *that* makes it true. Because I said so.


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