I’m stalling. I feel guilty.

I haven’t called MIL (Stephen’s mom) since Christmas. How much do I suck? I promised her that I wouldn’t take the girls and run but I feel like that’s what I have done. Things were so weird between she and I. They had been ever since his diagnosis. In fact, anything medical at all puts a strain on our relationship. It’s to the point where I don’t even mention the sniffles because she’ll plant it in my head that the girls have the croup or that I have mono.

So I don’t call, thinking that maybe she’ll call one of these days. But she’s weird like that. Like I am. Maybe the reason that she weirds me out is that we are too much alike. Does a man marry someone like his mother much like a woman marries someone like her dad? What does it take to pick up the phone? Not much and yet, I’m stalling. And I feel guilty. So I probably should just do it, yeah?


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