I *heart* Mayo.

Oh, Mayo Clinic, how I love thee.

I have decided to tackle the bill for $32K that Mayo sent me. 2 months ago. Keeping in mind that it’s not in my name. So I’m doing this just to be nice. I have no intentions of putting $32K into a payment plan unless it comes with a fenced yard and an upstairs laundry room. I start with the insurance company.

I speak with Scott who is probably working towards his CPA degree at some community college in Des Moines. Nice enough and willing to do a little bit of digging for me. All the while stating that the bill wouldn’t be paid because there are no out of network benefits. But that day 2-12 of his hospital stay didn’t get the right preauthorizations.

I call Mayo. These people (and I know I’ve said or at least thought this before) are so very, very organized. I was on the phone with customer service for all of 30 seconds when the person on the other end says, I have someone from precertification dept. on the line. 3 way call. Novel idea. Then I’m given the precert number.

I put the kids down for a nap and take a xanax.

So I call the insurance company back. And I get “disgruntled woman who just wants to go home so she can clean house, cook supper and put kids to bed”. It is 4:30 after all. I explain everything up to this point right down to “and I have a precertification number that Wellmark was supposed to use”. She takes the number and puts me on hold. For more than 5 minutes. She comes back on and says that the issue wasn’t precertification, the issue is that there are “no out of state benefits”. I should get a letter of medical necessity and appeal. “The more medical information you have on him the better”. I have a 12 pound chart. How much more do you want?

So I call Mayo back. I got the same person again. How’s that for service? I tell her what insurance just said and she asked which doctor transfered him from one building to the other (which, apparently, is the issue and why they paid for day one). I told her what I could remember and she said “well, let’s get Dr. X’s secretary on the phone.” Another 3 way call. Secretary says “Let’s call Dr. X and see what he can do”. 4 way call. Dr. X remembered us. Remembered Amelia’s name. Said that he would dictate a letter right away and have it faxed to insurance and would send me a copy and that he would do all he can to ease my loss.

I *heart* Mayo Clinic. I may just get a t-shirt made.


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