But not numb enough…

I don’t have much to say except that a friend is taking both girls on Friday morning for a bit. Amelia is going to be mad but I don’t care. She’ll get over it.

Pg friend is being induced Thursday morning so I’ll get that time out too. I’m quite excited about that.

Numb. That’s the word for the night. Numb. Not even medicated numb. Not even a good cocktail (although some Absolut Vanilla did fall into my cart at Target so there is always that option if I ever had company)(okay the Nutty Bars fell in too).

Friday is Stephen’s birthday. Probably won’t do much. We never did make a big deal out of birthdays. Especially since his was practically Valentine’s Day. We kind of did both on one day or the other. Even the years that we didn’t have any money. We’d find a way to go out.


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