Even then, I probably wouldn’t be a runner.

I should be sleeping. I’m wrecked. I can feel it. I don’t even have tons to say. Nothing of significance.

Other than the fact that, when I chose Ella’s name (which, for the record is actually “Eleanor”) I *thought* it meant “Light”. I know now that it actually means “She who never stops talking”. Seriously? It’s 11pm and she’s laying in her bed, like she has been since 8:45, still talking to herself. I could be asleep but I’m weird about sleeping when I know that one of my children is still awake.

Instead, I will mess with my avatar for a while.

The other, fleeting, thought I had was that I wonder how one would go about weighing one’s breasts. Like, I would really like to be done carrying around the twins out front but I wonder if it would really make a difference in how I feel. Would I become a runner? Probably not. Take up boxing? Again, not so much.

Maybe I’ll just cut my hair.


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