Happy Birth Day Jillian, Happy Birthday Stephen.

What a whirlwind!

Between 30+ hours of labor and a healthy baby Jillian (not my baby of course but my vicarious baby) to my sister and nephew in town, there wasn’t much time to think of anything other than what was happening.

It was great that my sister got brave a took my nephew on a trip longer than just to the mall. That kid doesn’t go anywhere…says the woman who braved airports upon airports with 2 small children. Her trip out here went remarkably well so I think she’ll do it again. My nephew is such a ham. It was great to be around a little boy. The kids seem to know that they have a connection too. They haven’t seen each other in months and yet picked up where they left off back in November.

But my nephew, he STILL is a biter. He took an unprovoked chunk out of Amelia’s thigh. Broke the skin right through her sweatpants. That’s the first time my sister has actually seen him bite. The other times were reported via daycare. She just didn’t know what to do or say. I didn’t either. I don’t have any advice…my kids have their quirks but biting isn’t one of them.

My tax return came Friday. I’ve already spent a third of it. I ordered a new laptop from Dell. I’m over being tied to the desk while my tiny person is sleeping. Or not being able to be on at all when she’s napping. I have dreams of sipping iced tea, watching them play in the backyard while I sit on the deck with my mint green computer lovliness. That’s right. Mint green. If they would have had mint green and baby pink madras plaid, I would have gotten that. I have found my inner girl. Pink and brown were so last year.

Friday was Stephen’s 33rd birthday. I haven’t mentioned it to anyone until just now. Nobody seemed to remember or maybe they didn’t know. Either way, the day, like all others, came and went.

We are snowed into the house again. Have been since Saturday. And I just got a call that Kindermusik is canceled for the third week. How very, very disappointing. We really needed out of the house. I would risk the safety of my own butt (because I? would be the one to fall on it) for a change of scenery. Even if it is only to be in the same room with the 17 other SAHMommies in town that seem to be at all the same events (Kindermusik, library story time, indoor park, ballet). I don’t know any of them very well but they all know each other quite well. Could be because I don’t like people, generally? I like my kids to do stuff but that doesn’t make us friends? Yeah, that.

We had to cancel our dinner date with Ronald. (That’s Ronald McDonald to you and me). How sad. Now I have to find something. It might be oatmeal. Kitchen is closed.


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