“Done” a little too late.

Excuse me while I type in my clean, clean house. All day, it took. Little by little. Tomorrow I attack the clutter on top of the entertainment center, the corner of the kitchen counter (the “catch-all” if you will) and the buffet. And then, if we have time, the toyroom.

I tried to get my babysitter today but she (eek!) had someone else to babysit for. No way. I thought she was mine, all mine. I thought that when you pay a 15 year old better than what all of her friends are making, that she becomes at your beck and call. I thought wrong. Good babysitters are hard to come by it turns out. You’d think that in a college town it wouldn’t be an issue but it is. Those university kids can’t be bothered to make some cash.

But we did okay without the sitter. No major meltdowns. We moved some furniture in the girls room and hung some things on the wall (command adhesive…I *heart* you). It looks more and more like their room. Every room is clean, dusted, picked up and vacuumed. Sheets are changed and beds made. The kitchen sink has ceased to look like somebody puked in it. (In my defense, I’m really good at loading/unloading the dishwasher…not so good at counters and sinks) I even mopped behind the toilet. Okay, I wiped it with a clorox wipe. But it’s really clean. And I made supper. Pork Chops. Wild rice. Corn. Applesauce. They both ate the snot out of it. Astounding. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I have no intention of leaving the house. That, and Amelia took 2 naps. That helps.

At least I know what Amelia’s problem was yesterday. She puked in my bed last night. Twice. It was just breastmilk which was lucky because we had Taco John’s for supper. The first time she did it, we had a sheet change and a half an hour of “playtime” before she was ready to go back to bed. The second time, I grabbed a bath towel and covered it up and we went back to sleep. She didn’t eat much until supper. She just wanted to nurse every minute and a half.

Do I really have 6-10 pounds of undigested food sitting in my colon? Because if I do, I should see someone about that. If I don’t then stop with the emails. They are grossing me out.

Hostess has 100 calorie packs now. I got a target coupon so I tried the carrot cake ones. They have all kinds…muffins…chocolate cake. All 100 calories. Until you open the package to find 6 little packages that have 3 miniature cupcakes in each package. When I say miniature, I mean could down it in one bite if I weren’t so dainty. And 2 bites if I am polite. I laughed. A lot. And then ate 3 of those suckers. Not 3 miniscule cupcakes, 3 packages of 9 miniscule cupcakes. They are tasty but who has the self restraint to eat just one. Or just one pack? They are quite spendy for what they are. But seriously, I want to meet that woman who is satisfied by one.

Maybe that’s at the root of my problems in general. I’m just not satisfied until I’m done. And my “done” is at a different threshold than other people’s “Done”. But I usually declare “done” a little too late and then I’m really, really done. I should have stopped yesterday or $100 ago or at seconds.

I’m trying to figure out if the 100 calorie snacks are created and marketed to teach us what 100 calories should look like or if they are specifically for the calorie counters of the world. Is this portion control? Or is this socialism?

My new Dell is built and shipped out today. I will have it on Wednesday. I’m so freaking excited. I hope it is everything I have hoped for in late nite alone time. Not like that. I mean, I hope the wireless works. I hope I can sit at Panera with a latte and a cinnimon crunch bagel and find all my old college friends. I hope that my wireless works at the inlaws. I may never have to have smalltalk ever again. DId I mention that it’s green. It’s as green as the VW Beetle that I had hoped to own when i got my first real job. I was going to get vanity plates that said “Mintini” in honor of my favorite new drink.

I wanted it in pink and green madras plaid but Dell isn’t all that hip. Instead I’m looking for the same in a woven so I can make all 3 of us matching sundresses. How’s that for ambition? I already found Ella the shoes to match at Target. She wore them to school and the teachers even commented on them. I love it. My kid, who, like me, doesn’t have a lick of style, wore something teacher noteworthy. That’s saying something.

I shop for effect (kind of like drinking for effect…which I don’t do anymore). I find something that looks good. Say, a pair of Levi’s capris. Okay, on me they are capris. On everyone else with normal length legs, they are “Skimmers”. Whatever that is. The point is, they look good on me. They are a 14 with a bit of room to spare but that’s okay because it comes with a sporting belt. So, I buy 4. One in each wash but not white (’cause ewwww….nobody looks good in white jeans). I do the same for shirts. I found a brand of long sleeve solid colored tshirts this fall. I bought 5, one in each color. Same for underwear. Same for shorts. It takes the guesswork out of getting dressed. It’s unimaginative but it works.

I try the same thing when I dress the girls but we have so many grandmas and aunties and handmedowns that it’s hard to roll that way. I tried last summer. I went to Target. 5 pairs of shorts. 5 matching shirts. Pack of socks. Pack of underwear. Canvas sneakers. Crocs. White Sandals. Done. Right? You’d think. Add in the aforementioned variables and it’s a jam packed dresser drawer.

This got long. But it’s out of my head now and I can sleep. I’m trying not to isolate myself (as I have been recently accused of doing) but we all do so much better just being at home. Having the option to leave is always there but we do better at home.


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