Amelia and mommy.

Amelia and I spent all day together. Just us. She has a case of the trots so I sent Ella to Sunday School with Robyn. Robyn came by after church and got Ella’s snow pants and boots and took Ella home for the afternoon. So baby and I took a long nap together, had some lunch and played.

Amelia is just learning about the power of words. I keep thinking that she is younger than she is. Ella, at the same age, had more than 100 words. She was speaking sentences and astounding strangers. She was, and still is, an anomaly. Amelia is right on track. She gets frustrated when I can’t understand what she wants. This afternoon she wanted I don’t know what. So she took a swipe at me in disgust. I took her hand and said “Oh, love mommy…nice mommy” and stroked my cheek. You know, trying to get her to be gentle. She laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me. I said “that’s right love mommy” and she says back “Love Na-Na”.

Yep. Pretty much sums it up. If somebody else had the na-nas then I’d be out of luck with this one.

I have several new obsessions. One is a clean house. It’s still cluttered. It still has too many flat surfaces that collect things and I’m working on that. But my carpet? Must not be stained. My kitchen sink? Must be empty. The bathroom? Must not smell like one. Ever. I feel like the quality of my home is the only thing left I can control.


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