Cabin fever.

I’m so going to pay for this in the morning. Ella has been asleep since 6pm. She came home from school and had meltdown after meltdown. I finally found her, asleep, in a pile of dress up stuff that I had asked her to pick up. I forget sometimes that she’s still really a baby. My baby.

What is it about the Biggest Loser weigh-in music that makes me crave Double Stuf Oreos?

I’m back in the saddle if you can call my sewing chair a saddle. I’m testing Sam’s LCT trainers and having a ball doing it. I haven’t been giddy about sewing in a long time. Almost a year. I’ve piddled around here and there but haven’t really sat down and worked something out.

After pushing it off for the last 2 weeks, the girls and I are going to KC to Stephen’s mom’s house. We haven’t seen her since Thanksgiving so I know it’s time. At least I have my laptop so I can zone out if I need to. The girls are the ones everyone wants to see anyway. We are also planning a Nebraska trip for early April for my nephew’s birthday.

It’s that time of year. It’s time to get out of town. See something different. But not really. It’s just making the rounds to the grandparents. Doing my duty. And, ultimately, it’s easier than all of them coming to my house. At least I don’t have to scrub a bathroom just to have a visit.

While we have a good routine going on around here, I can feel the stillness. During the day it’s not so bad but after dark, even before the girls are in bed, I miss the anticipation of something else. Keys in the door or a snack idea or laughing about what the girls did or said. The belt buckle clinking. Holding hands above a sleeping baby’s head while snuggling in for the night. I miss that.

Another day. Unremarkable. Quiet. Achey.


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