We have decided to stay another day with our friends. My kids are quite content to play in a herd and the weather is beautiful and, well, we don’t have any plans for the rest of today or tomorrow so when I was invited to stay another night, I accepted. Last night several of Stephen’s TKE brothers and their families came over and we grilled out and made stuffed mushrooms and crab rangoons. The house was full of story telling and laughing and kids piling all over each other. It was such a happy place and I’m so glad that I got to be here.

The boys told me stories I hadn’t heard before. Some with Stephen in them and some without. I thought I had heard ALL the stories. I got more history. I got more of what I wanted. I know my husband just that much better.

I just have a calm this morning. I don’t know where it’s coming from and I don’t know why. But it makes me not want to leave. It makes me want to stay and play all day. It’s calm. It’s a happy place here. Maybe I’ll figure it out as the day goes on. But I’m calm. For the first time in almost a year.


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