Shopping at Lane Bryant is like admitting defeat.

List of things that I don’t do:

1. Try on undergarmets in the store before purchasing. ‘Cause, yuk.

2. Shop at Lane Bryant. It’s like admitting defeat.

3. Wear a brown/tan/skin colored bra

4. Spend more than $4 for a pair of underwear

K and I escaped last night and left her husband in charge of all the kidlets. 5 kids. How very, very brave of him. I don’t give Amelia enough credit. I was going to take her and decided that she was fine playing when it was time to go. She did just fine without me.

K cracks me up. It’s like we’ve known each other our whole lives. I’ve only hung out with her a half a dozen times in my life but it’s so easy. Last night when we escaped, the mission was to get sunglasses. Which we did. And then, going back to the car, she noticed a Lane Bryant across the parking lot. And drug me in to try on bras. She says that once I do, I will never go back. Yeah, I’m not so sure about that.

She picked out several different styles and sent me into the dressing room. I just about had a panic attack. She tried to tell me that there was a xanax lick in the dressing room and get in there and try it on. It was brown. I don’t wear brown bras. It was underwire. I haven’t worn an underwire in years. And I don’t, don’t, don’t take off my undergarments in public.

Apparently not everyone feels the same way. Lane Bryant has all cotton bras and the rib knit was bagged out on some of them that had clearly been tried on. Gross. I’m not sure why I’m skeeved out but I am.

$100 later….I walk out with 7 new pair of underwear, 2 bras and a pair of PJs. Vowing never to set foot in there again. At least in the daylight.

The bras? Are amazing. I *heart* them. But I also adore internet shopping so at least I won’t have to wait for cover of darkness to buy some more.


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