Introducing FP.

Did I mention that this show is Ginormous? The set pieces are 22-23 feet tall. And nowhere to put them when they are not on stage. Neat.

Fancy Pants New York lighting designer is here today (further abbreviated by FP). He appears to care very little for us and it’s one of my jobs to keep him happy, fed and on time. He’s 3 hours behind, I just now got to Starbucks for him (as a sidenote: I honestly thought that I would have my own minion to get my coffee for me…that would be a full fat, extra hot, vanilla latte with whip) and I’m sure that Subway will never do for a lunch option so that means that I will lose my primo downtown parking space (which is what you get for being the first one up in the morning) to go and get him lunch that isn’t within walking distance.

FP has such the NYC attitude. Like he wants to tap Omaha collectively on their heads and say “Aren’t you cute, Omaha, trying to be a big city. Now run along and get yourself a crime rate will you?” FP also smells like senior prom. Drakkar Noir. I know because that’s what my date smelled like. I didn’t notice earlier when all of the artistic types were congregating. But now that he’s the only one that doesn’t smell like the Husker’s locker room mixed with chemical fire retardant and latex paint, he sticks out like a well showered man in a room full of smelly people. A gay man at the VFW if you will.

I’ll finish this later. Must go move things.


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