Getting in touch with my inner redneck.

Best. Day. Evah.

Okay, maybe not ever. But pretty good for me.

I sent the girls to daycare for one last day and paid for it myself. Just to have some ME time. I know they haven’t seen me in forever but, to tell the truth, I have seen much of me either.

I met some friends at DSW for some shoe shopping (to go with previously mentioned tuxedo pinstripe pants). DSW, I’m told, means “Designer Shoe Warehouse”. I don’t know about the “Designer” part. You can still get the Keds and Nike and Mudd….standard department store brands. I don’t know shoe designers so I guess I really can’t say. Anyway, it’s a building the roughly the size of a basketball court…full of shoes! Nice and stylish ones too. Not all of them are last season. And they are reasonably priced.

As a sidenote, why do I have so many shoes? I don’t even have nice shoes. I still have birks from college, torn of converse all-stars, dusty open toed strappy things, sneakers that are worn but not worn out. My feet haven’t grown in forever but I stil have all these shoes!

So that this doesn’t get drawn out, the order of my day:

Drop children at daycare
Cash first paycheck (woot!)
Shoe shopping.
Little black sweater.
Drive to inside mall because it was pouring rain.
Eyeliner. (Creme with a little brush..trying something different….I will let you know how it goes)
Fancy Black Blouse
2 cute bras and 5 pairs of cute underwear (damn you anyway, Lane Bryant…how dare you lure me in with your promise that everything will fit and your hip and trendy cuteness)


Pizza, beer and Guitar Hero III all afternoon. Seriously? I? Am the next Eddie Vedder. Okay, maybe not. But I got my percentage up to 72% at one point. I should have stopped there. Or, should have stopped after 2 beers. I’m not sure. Anyway, it was like bowling. I do good up to a point and then it never gets any better. It only gets worse. Darts are the same way. The more I think about it, the worse I get.

Wow. That sounds really redneck of me. Darts. Bowling. Hair Band metal music. Beer.

And I thought I was getting in touch with my inner girl today. I guess it was my inner trailer park groupie girl coming out to play.

But still. Best day ever.


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