We are home.  It’s about time.  I’ve eaten my way through Omaha (and have the extra poundage to prove it), I’m still sore from tearing down the scenery and stuffing it into a warehouse and the kids are back to their routine.  Amelia is napping and Ella is at school.  All is well…except…

I returned home to find that the basement was soggy.  The snow had melted and, apparently, there were several rain storms.  The breaker to the sump pump was tripped and was, thus, unable to do its assigned job.  The kids’ play area is squishy (but the play-doh is rehydrated).  The storage area has standing water and the laundry area used to be wet but isn’t anymore.  At least my sewing area was spared.  I would have cried a thousand tears if it were ruined.

All in all, it was a good trip.  It gave me time to reflect and, honestly, wake up.  I am grateful.  I met some really great people.  I met several guys who made me laugh, several women who made me feel good about myself, reconnected with friends who made me feel real again and stuck my foot in the stage door.

I’m considering taking out a short tour at Christmas.  We’ll see if the ILs are willing to take 2 little girls during December.  This would be the last year I’d be able to do it because, while preschool isn’t all that, Kindergarten is.  I’m also considering moving back to Omaha.  When I left, there wasn’t much for work but now there seems to be an ample supply.  I wouldn’t do anything right now and I probably won’t bring it up again for a while (because we all know how I feel about moving) but I’ll put it out there. 

I miss the stagehands (local 42) and their banter.  Good bunch of brothers.


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