Flood fallout continued

The fallout from the “basement flood of ’08” continues to grow.

Backing up, my pantry has been disorganized since I moved in 5 months ago.  Someone else started unboxing my kitchen stuff on moving day and, well, I just went with their logic.  Didn’t agree with it but went with it until I got annoyed enough to do my own thing.  I went through the pantry and put everything on the kitchen table.  I went through the cupboards too.  I threw some very old things away (if it has moved with me more than twice…), condensed some things and reorganized them into something that wasn’t catagorized by someone from an insane asylum.  Or a 3 year old.  Whatever. 

Apparently, grocery shopping has become a hobby of mine.  It was positively embarassing, mortifying if you will, to see the excess on my table.  Granted, it’s a small table but still.  So I decide to put us on “grocery exile.”  If you don’t know, grocery exile is where I ban myself from the grocery store for a certain time period, usually a month.  I use what is in the house and get creative in order to use it up.  I go to the store only for produce, milk and maybe bread.  We used to do it when money was very tight and the grocery money needed to go to something else.  That’s getting very, very creative with meals.  But, it can be done and I enjoy the challenge.  Honestly, the girls probably would only begin to notice when the chicken nuggets ran out and the teddy grahams were eaten.  Even then, they both enjoy the fruits of my baking labors so buying cookies isn’t always a definite.  And, I told myself, I have a basement freezer full of yummies:  lasagne, toaster strudel, corn dogs, chicken breasts, pot roast, steaks and hamburger (leftover from last summer’s 1/4 side of beef purchase). 


Here’s the tie-in to the “basement flood of ’08”. 

The freezer?  Is into the same breaker as the sump pump.  Best guess is that the breaker was tripped on Friday and we returned home on Monday and I noticed Monday night.  The freezer?  Stinks.  The bottom is full of dead cow blood.  (MMMM….love me some grilled cow….)  It’s re-frozen because it’s been running for a week now but it still stinks. 

Grocery exile just might have to be over.  Because while I have a butt-load of pantry items, they are merely side dishes.  I don’t have any protein to speak of.  I need to order a new cow.  And plan a trip to Sam’s.  And call my insurance company to see if it covers the cost of meat.  Probably not.  But I should ask to make sure.

On a completely unrelated topic, this day is the best day of the whole year.  Not April 20 per se.  But today, in a weather sense is the best day in the whole year.  It’s the first day where I could have both the front and back doors open for the whole day.  My house doesn’t smell like old man winter anymore.  And, it will be mild enough to sleep with the window cracked.  I might have to get out the down comforter for the opportuntiy to sleep in fresh air but it will be well worth the effort.  None of the nights of sleep will compare to this one night of blissful spring.  Not until, in the fall, when the A/C can be turned off and the morning is crisp and cold.  That’s my second best day of the year.


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