First thunderstorm, yo.

We’re in the middle of the first thunderstorm of the year.  Couple that with a new Grey’s and having the windows open all night and I would have gotten laid tonight.  Porno-like. 

Ah, well.  I’ll just keep that thought to myself.

After supper, I decided to take the girls (I’m refering to my daughters as opposed to the oft-mentioned “girls” out front) out for ice cream.  I’m that mom.  We were driving to the ice cream store and I was waiting to make a left turn onto a busy street.  There was a white Buick in the middle of the effing road.  My response, out loud of course, “What’s the deal, yo?”

From the back seat “Did you just say YO?”

“Yes.  Does that bother you?”

“Don’t say that.”

She’s 3 and I’m in trouble.  She’s already annoyed at my little quirks.  I have a bad habit of using “yo” as an exclamation point when I talk.  Or a question mark.  Okay, any punctuation.  I also?  Use the question mark?  As an underline when I speak.  So…that’s quirky.  And new. 

I set up the wii today during naptime.  I’m handy like that.  I can read a schematic.  I can make cables neat and tidy.  But it’s one of those things that men get all hot about doing.  It’s in their genetic code I think.  Not that I’m all that into gender roles/jobs but I kind of got used to being dumb about how things were hooked up.  But I got it all hooked up and played some Sims this afternoon.  Okay, that’s a loose term “play.”  I haven’t gotten past creating characters.  I guess that’s the point.  Create the character and see what the computer does with what you create?  I don’t get it.  Yet.  I’m probably the lamest person ever to have something so cool.  Ella even said to me tonight “Mommy, you will fold the towels and *I* will play your Wii.” 

Even my kid thinks I’m lame.


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