Tidy and polish; organize and sanitize

Both girls are resting.  The in-laws will be here by this time tomorrow.  My house looks like we got robbed.  Not in the sense that anything is gone (that would actually be a relief at this point) but it looks like someone came in and tossed the place, looking for cookies.  They would not have found any.  I know because I just looked.  I believe my exact words were “Are. You. Kidding. Me?” 

So I should be all kinds of motivated to clean.  Whip this place into shape.  Wipe, organize, sanitize.  But really, what’s the point?  The kids won’t notice.  Step-MIL will only notice what *didn’t* get done and FIL will want to know where I keep the booze (for when he arrives) and the coffee (for morning).  I feel like I should tidy and polish a little bit.  They haven’t been here yet.  I don’t want them to think that it was a mistake to move.  But what’s the point?

Because life is simple when everything has a place and is in it.  It’s easy to keep something clean once it’s clean.  Because I don’t want them to think they are here to work.  Because I have no motivation to cook due to the condition of my counters and because my kids are tripping over their own junk all over the place.

And here I sit.  I could use a fairy right about now.


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