Finally some pics of the littles.

Ella’s last day of preschool is tomorrow.  So sad.  For me.

Her behavior today was unremarkable which is wonderful in comparison to the last few weeks.  Maybe all she needed was a wake-up call?  She really is an angel though…

It’s like seeing Stephen again, except in child form.  Maybe that’s why we are having so much trouble?  That’s rhetorical.  I don’t know the answer either.

And then there’s this:

And not to be outdone, I should add my younger little.  My mini-me.  The cheese in my quesadilla.  The thread in my needle.  The peanut butter in my M&M…

This is all very self indulgent.  The whole day was unremarkable and really not very productive considering that I have to give a speech in 4 days about my parents’ marriage.  And drive 5 hours with Elmo over my shoulder on the DVD player.  And smile pretty for family pictures.  Yikes.


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