Thinking too hard.

It is just after midnight and another day is done.  I usually rate the day on how much I accomplished or how clean or organized a room is when compared to the day before.  Today, I took a step back. 

We slept in.  We casually went to the grocery store.  We had lunch and played outside until naptime.  Amelia slept and Ella watched cartoons and played.  After Amelia got up, they played outside in the backyard and I read the paper and made supper.  They played outside some more.  Baths.  Played downstairs and I did laundry and sewed some soakers.  They helped me pick up toys.  Oh, boy, did they help.  They helped enough that I could see the scuzz underneath the broken crayons, feathers (the boa is dying a slow and painful shedding death) and leftover goldfish crackers.  The vacuum came out.  We had dessert (ice cream with magic shell).  We read books.  The children went to bed.

I list the mundane-ness of my day because no where in there did I burst into tears.  I rarely had to raise my voice.  The kids didn’t demand to sit on my lap every other minute.  We played some and worked some and got out a little.  Something today clicked and I hope to repeat it again sometime. 

One of Stephen’s fraternity brothers had a baby last week.  Well, technically, his wife did.  A 10 and a half pound baby boy, their first.  I’ve had this idea kicking around in my head.  I want to take one of Stephen’s TKE tshirts and make it into a baby romper.  It can’t be that hard.  It’s a thin shirt so I would line it with, probably, another recycled tshirt.  I keep thinking hard about it though.  I don’t know either he or his wife well enough to know if they would appreciate such a gift.  Morbid?  Lame?  Not worth the effort?  I mean, it is a potentially smelly old fraternity tshirt.  It’s grey with big Greek letters on it.  And they are first time parents so this kid probably has everything “new” and storebought. 

Or am I thinking too hard about it?  That’s rhetorical.  Of course I’m thinking too hard.  That’s what one does when one isn’t sleeping. 


One thought on “Thinking too hard.

  1. I tend to come up with the weirdest ideas when I’m not sleeping. I say, if you WANT to do it, why not? You can always explain the symbolism, right?

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