Flooded, again.

It’s nice to live at the top of the hill when shit is running down said hill. 

A good third of my town has been evacuated due to record flood waters.  And with the coming weather, it’s sure to get worse.  I personally don’t have to worry about getting flooded out because I think I live at the highest point in town.  But we are home bound because of all the nutjobs going to gawk at W-A-T-E-R.  You know, ’cause we’ve never seen that before.  I need milk and juice and must go to the store but it’s a good thing that I don’t need toilet paper because the shelves are empty.

How upper-midwest is that?  Any kind of natural disaster or potentially inconvenient event and all the toilet paper is bought out.  We might not have sewer service later today but at least we can wipe our butts.

My point on all this is that I lost internet and cable last night and will probably lose it again periodically through the next few days.  The utility company has been reduced to the tips of the satellite dishes showing.  If I’m missing, that’s why.  And here’s the link to the official line:


Cruise the site for more pics.


One thought on “Flooded, again.

  1. Here in Kentucky it’s milk and bread. Not that the milk will keep if there’s a power outage, but that doesn’t seem to stop anyone!

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