McDreamy voice.

I am the reason why advertising works.  Patrick Dempsey doing Mazda commercials?  Makes me want to own one.  The music on Target commercials?  Makes me want to shop their wide aisles and faux designer couture.  And don’t get me started on the ipod commercials.  I can smell the Dunkin Donuts coffee from this side of the TV.  When asked if I would ever get a tattoo, I said “Yes, and I think I want the Geico gecko.” 

Which is why my new obsession (now that I have WiiFit in the palm of my hands….not that it’s synced or anything yet…) is TIVO.  I don’t get to watch that much TV and certainly not during my children’s waking hours.  Those hours are speckled (notice I didn’t say filled) with Curious George, Max and Ruby, WordWorld, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Handy Manny.  With some Sesame Street thrown in for good measure.  Nowhere in there are my shows:  Last Comic, Biggest Loser, Top Chef, Jon Stewart, Grey’s, etc.  That would be because there is no tolerance among the littles for anything without a chase scene, letter of the day or monkey antics. 

And I really don’t need more stuff.  I don’t need to see the newest, high MPG SUV.  It just reminds me that my 10 year old minivan only does well in the cold and sucks fuel in the heat.  Don’t know why.  But if someone gave me a Mazda, I wouldn’t turn it down.  And I don’t need to go to Target.  It costs me 2 Jacksons to get out most of the time.  My ipod is just fine.  As soon as I can learn to use my new one.  Which brings me to TIVO.  I’d like to watch what I want, when I want.  And pause it to pat down a restless toddler or fix myself another cocktail (I’m back to Absolut Kurrant and 7). 

I’d get like this around Stephen and he would think I was crazy.  But he and I both knew, that I’d eventually get what I wanted.  Not right away.  We never had the funds for that.  But eventually I would get what I wanted.  The weekend out of town.  The steak dinner.  The Bernina.  The babies, our babies.  (All three of them were my idea and my sense of timing.)  I always got what I wanted.

And he never asked for much.  He asked to be loved, unconditionally.  He asked to be who he wanted to be, without ever having to try to be something or someone else.  He asked to have his wife and kids waiting for him after a long day.  That’s it.  So simple.  And teachable.  I want our girls to be like him.  I don’t want them to obsess after the next thing.  I want to take that quality away from myself.  Take the commercial temptation away without taking away my entertainment. 

I joke about the McDreamy voice.  The voice is the best part of him if you ask me ( I remember his 80’s movies all too well and can’t get past that in the looks department).  And I only say that because although I remember Stephen’s words and I remember how he looked….I’m having trouble with the voice.  There are certain phrases that are loud and clear but my memory is starting to cloud.  I wish we would have had a camcorder all these years.  Just so I could plug it in a refresh that memory.  I’ve been filling in with McDreamy voice…it’s a really close match and I told him that in the years we watched Grey’s together.  And now I feel like it’s all I have left.  That voice.  That isn’t even his.


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