Cut from the same cloth.

Amelia was covered in a rash by morning so I called Dr. Kyle who told me to take her to Urgent Care.

I haven’t been such a fan of urgent care for my littles ever since we took Will when he was wee and they told me he had jaundice but he actually had Group B Strep.  Forgive me if I offend but I’m fairly certain that urgent care docs were the C students.  They can do a throat culture and whip in some stitches but that’s about it.  This one was bottom of the barrel.  Not to be all judgey but it was in a strip mall, he had on a scrub top and track pants.  Right.  If I hadn’t already diagnosed her with Strep Throat (which, Btw, it was) I would have turned right around and taken her to the ER. 

So, a dose of antibiotics, motrin and a nap and she’s on her way to feeling better.  She has been a beast, if I can say that about my own offspring, this entire trip.  We will not travel tomorrow but wait until Wednesday.  I cannot handle her alone until she’s feeling better.  I have been just about at my end with her this trip. 

We did attempt to find the peach orchards while we were out today.  None of them are open until next week.  Figures.  I had my heart set on pie.  I have never met a piece of pie I haven’t liked.  Except anything with pecans (allergic) and chocolate pie with meringue instead of whipped cream.  That’s almost a criminal offense in my book.  Of pies.  Or whatever. 

Had an awkward moment with FIL.  He didn’t pick up on it, thank God.  We were in the van and I was driving.  We were talking and having a good time, quite possibly at a stranger’s expense.  At one point I reached over and touched his leg.  And pulled my hand back.  It was habit.  It was, for a moment, like Stephen was right there because it was a conversation that we would have had.  Bill didn’t even notice.  I suppose it’s weird and creepy because it’s his dad.  But I forgot for a moment.  And it was scary how alike they are.  Is scary.  They nap the same.  They dress the same.   They laugh at the same things.  They eat the same.  Hold the kids the same.  Cut from the same cloth.


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