I’m so pretty.

Grandma J has been here for the last 2 nights.  She came bearing enough gifts to make Santa throw up his hands and say “I can compete.”  And then took us to Kohl’s and dropped a couple of Benjamins on the girls for school clothes.  I’m not going to protest.  Even Ella got over her “I don’t want Grandma J to come!”

Ella finally got her Talking Princess Vanity.  It’s pink.  It’s plastic.  It’s probably full of lead paint.  It has batteries.  It goes against every toy rule I have: no characters, no batteries.  And it has caused my formerly tom-boyish preschooler to sit in front of the mirror with a magic wand, a tiera and a hairbrush; saying to herself “I’m so pretty.”  Oh, what have I done?  Can someone get this kid a tractor, please?  Ella will be 4 on Tuesday.  It’s really hard to believe that I have kept something alive for 4 years!

Stephen’s mother is much easier to handle when she’s in my environment.  She wants to get on the floor and play with the kids.  She doesn’t want me to cook which means eating out.  I got out by myself yesterday afternoon.  So things weren’t all bad.  No deep discussions.  She did rent us a movie and got a 6 pack of Smirnoff Ice (“bitch pop” as Stephen used to call it) so I think she intended to have a girl’s night with me.  Which never happened because Amelia wouldn’t settle down.  Again.

All in all, not a bad visit.  Not weird.  I don’t know how I feel about it, to tell the truth.


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