Big kid.

Okay, so don’t tell my dad but…it happened.  It seems like overnight but my little kid has turned into a big kid.

Do you know how I know?  We were eating last night (somewhere that rhymes with SchmickSchmanalds) and Ella, who cannot go through a meal without getting up to pee, says “I have to poop and I’m going by myself.”  Other than the restaurant becoming sickeningly quiet right at the “poop” moment, I had to think for a minute whether to let her go by herself or not.  I decided to let her.  And here’s why:

  1. She recently turned four.
  2. She can, in fact, wipe her own ass which is a relatively new thing.  She has been previously claiming that her arms were too short.
  3. I would have to gather Amelia, my purse and potentially all of Amelia’s Chicken Nuggets to follow her into the can thus leaving our meal unsupervised and possibly thrown away by an over-eager (but, um, Slow?) restaurant worker who must have flunked out of french fry detail.  Ask me how I know that would happen.
  4. She is of the very independent breed.  I figure if I give her independence when it’s easy then I can have control over the hard stuff.  Like wearing shoes in Target.
  5. It was a slow night at the restaurant.  And I could see the restroom door at all times.

She did it.  She did it alone.  She came back, announced that she couldn’t reach the soap so I squirted Purell on her hands and she finished eating.  I never had to get up.  Huh.  How about that.  I have to say that it’s a good thing that I don’t have boys.  They would have been taking care of their own business as soon as they could flop that thing over the toilet.

For the record, I am still doing WW.  Even though we’ve been eating out like it’s our job, I’m still doing pretty well.  And I’ve managed to not be starving at the end of the day.  I paid for the month, I will finish the month.  After that, who knows.


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