My kingdom for a crib.

I will pay anyone a substatial amount of money for a solution to the almost 2 year old problem in my bed.

That is all.

No, it’s not all. 

Every few months I go through the phase of “everyone has left me”.  All the grandparents have been here and gone.  All the mamas that I know in town have kids that are on the “You are a holy terror and need to get to school” list.  Myself included.  The alone feeling usually comes when I have fifty-eleven things to do that are not magically being done by elves or mice or whatever.  I am tired.  I am cuddled out, nursed out, tired of the heat, tired of all things Tom, Jerry and George.  I am tired of late bedtimes, whiney children, mosquito bites, stubbed toes and chlorine eyes.  Just tired. 

And then there’s the issue of the child still in my bed.  The child who would not be so bad to room with if she would pick a side of the bed and stay there.  Instead of insisting on sleeping in the small of my back.  What, exactly, am I supposed to do about that?  My kingdom for a crib.  Or cage.  Whatever.

I feel abandoned.  I shouldn’t.  I haven’t been.  I know lots of interweb mamas who don’t have any IRL friends.  I have several.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Maybe it’s not abandoned so much as underappreciated.  No, that’s not even it.  My littles glow with gratitude at the end of the day when I literally drop everything for stories and cuddles.  It’s really important to me that they go to bed knowing that they are loved.  What happens all day doesn’t matter.  At least I’m trying not to make it matter because I haven’t been very patient the last few days. 

Phrases I’d like to hear:

“Let me get that for you”

“I’ll drive”

“Could you use a backrub?”

“Let me put the kids to bed…you watch your show.”

and my all time favorite:  “Shhh…mommy’s sleeping.  I’ll get your juice.”


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