The littlest little.

Happy Birthday Amelia!

At 9:02am, two years ago today, Amelia Eve came into the world a full 4 weeks early.  She was 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19.5 inches.  My labor with her was about 10 hours, start to finish.  I labored in the dark and quiet all night long with only Stephen with me.  The midwife commented that she felt “useless” because we were doing it all ourselves.  Amelia was born in a very quick rainstorm.  I remember feeling her crowning and hearing nothing but water running and I remember thinking that it was too soon to run a bath for her.  Turns out, the rain was pouring down the plate glass window.  The storm was over right as she was born.

Amelia was face presentation for much of my labor.  She was born with her face badly bruised.  She sported jaundice and dark eyelids for over a week.  She was also born with her cord wrapped around her chest and shoulders, backpack style.  The midwife said that she had never seen anything like it.

Her birth, in my eyes, was perfect.  I labored how I wanted to, the staff left me alone and it was quiet.  The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have pushed Stephen for a homebirth. 

She nursed right away and we got into a bath as soon as they let me.

I know, not much of a birth story but those are the highlights.

She is blessed with her daddy’s way with people.  She has a quick smile and enthusiasm.  She is very sweet.  She loves babies (real as well as dolls) and she loves her sister dearly.  As much as I whine about her nursing and still in my bed, I’d miss her if she decided to be done today.

Brand New:

6 weeks:


One year:

Last pic with daddy (last pic of him, ever):

18 months:

Almost two and nothing but trouble:


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