All hail buttercream.

I’m pretty proud of myself today.  Look what I made:

And to think that I almost chickened out and called the bakery.  Especially after our morning involved a trip to the ER.

That’s right.  The ER.  As the cake was baking, the girls and went downstairs to play (I was sewing and doing laundry…just call me Becky HomeEckey).  They were playing around my feet and around my cutting/snapping table.  Something got bumped because my 25 pound cast iron snap press fell right onto the top of Ella’s foot.  It turned instantly purple and swollen and she wouldn’t walk on it.  So I got the cake out the oven and took her to the hospital.  I didn’t know.  It looked like it would have broken MY foot right in half.

What is it about kids and Emergency Rooms (or doctors in general) that turns parents into liars the moment they set foot in the door?  By the time they went to take her for an x-ray she was practically doing gymnastics on the gurney.  How embarassing.  Nothing was broken, of course.  Just badly bruised and a short lecture from the ER doc about how kids bones are supple.  Ummm…can we not say the word supple? It’s on the list of words that skeeve me out.

Also on the list (and I shudder to put them all in one place like this):  moist, yeasty, obese, flicker.  Random, I know.  The worst offender, of course, is moist.  Unless we are discussing cake and then it is only paired with “pudding in the mix”.

So that’s it for birthdays this year.  Thank heaven.  I literally ate nothing but frosting today.  I feel terrible.  Not guilty mind you.  I am actually nauseated.  I don’t even want to think about how much hydrogenated oil is coursing through my ever clogging arteries at the moment.  I love frosting.  It is my one of my weaknesses, second only to the almighty Nutty Bar.  Cake, graham crackers, brownies?  All just vehicles for the frosting. 

I’m pretty sure Amelia had a good day.  Other than being left for two hours while I took her sister to the hospital.  Not that she minded that one bit.  She got some quality Robyn time for herself.  I don’t have the mommy guilt anymore about the whole cake thing.  It’s a year late but so what.  She doesn’t know what day it is. 

Yes, that’s the top of my head.  And, yes, I need to see someone about those highlights.


3 thoughts on “All hail buttercream.

  1. There’s a morning talk radio hostess here that also hates the word “moist!” I can also freak my mother in law out by saying “snot” or “booger!”

    Glad Ella’s foot is OK, and that Amelia had a great birthday. The cake looks awesome!

  2. Jenn,
    Don’t know you, found you through another blog but reading your words is like reading my own only sometimes better said than I could say it. It’s not that I have the same life as you, it’s a hard one for sure, I couldn’t do, I guess I could if I had to, but you are one tough cookie and I respect so much the difficulty you have facing each day. I have been reading for just a short time, but look forward to it daily and today…well again, it’s the thoughts in my head the icky words that make me scrunch my face and the worst for me too.. moist. It just gives off the wrong vibe.. an icky visual that is most certainly not a desired one especially when discussing food. Frosting? my favorite friend too, I pick my cakes not for the flavor or deliciousness of the cakey part but for the amount and taste of the frosting. Anyway.. sorry for yammering, just wanted to say.. Word. You really do speak to me…keep on keepin’ on. 🙂

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