Bottom seed, last place.

What’s it like to come in last at the Olympics? 

I was just watching the mens’ relay (record breaking, I might add) and the US team was so far ahead of the other teams that the camera couldn’t keep all the lanes filmed at once.  Sad.  Kind of.  You train your whole life, you make the Olympic team for whatever flag you wrap yourself in and then, at the big show, you come in last.  Grateful for the experience?  Happy just to be there? 

I think about my own participation on teams/groups/clubs in my life.  I know how those athletes feel, the ones who come in last.  You know, without the actual physical work.  For me, it was last chair in the honor band, bottom seed in varsity tennis, in the musical because the street scenes require a cast of hundreds.  Too bored for mainstream classes but didn’t excel in honors classes.  Not quite into plus sizes but on the upper end of, um, normal (?) sizes.  Excel at novice debate but can’t catch a break at the varsity level.  Not benched but playing right field and batting eighth.

How about this…a husband who makes me deliriously happy and then is taken from me too soon.  How about that one? 

Almost there.  This close.  Just happy to have the experience.  Good game.  Better luck next time.  There’s always next year. 

What happens when it’s really over?  You graduate, the season is over, the final curtain drops, you move.  What happens if you really only do get one shot at the big show? 

What happens to those of us who come in last competing with the best?


One thought on “Bottom seed, last place.

  1. Personally, for me, the cup is always half full. I believe that there is always going to be something “next”, you know? Now, this has only hit me recently since turning 40 because I would once think “well, that’s it, no more kids, no more weddings, no more turning 16, 18, 21 monumental events in my life”. But you know what, you have, as do I, wonderful children that are going to help to create those next monumental events.
    Who knows, maybe they will be competing in the Olympics some day…

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