School anticipation karma.

I’ve been looking forward to school starting for over a month.  Can’t wait.  Can’t wait.  I made a dress last night.  The backpack has been packed since, oh, Thursday night.  So what happens?

Ella wakes up, crying, last night just as I was getting ready to turn in.  I picked her up and she was rocket-hot.  And not really awake and inconsolable.  I suggested Tylenol and she cried Noooooooo, stuck her fingers in her mouth and puked all over the floor.


That’s what I get for hanging my sanity on the hook labled “school”.  I had groceries to get, a bathroom to clean, closets to clean.  I had big plans.  Big, I tell you.  And I’m exhausted.  Both girls were up for hours at a time last night and then had the nerve to nap separately this afternoon.  No rest for the mommy.

I’m calling it an early night.  Ella is still up, still feverish (her fevers aren’t just “kind of warm” either…she sits at about 104 for the duration) and I’m wrecked.  She can’t go to school tomorrow either.  She has to be fever free for 24 hours.  So, that sucks.  And I’m pouting.


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