The salamander and the pigeon.

Smart kids are hard to raise.

After a discussion on the changing of the seasons (which came after a discussion on why the swimming pool wasn’t open anymore), I casually mentioned that Halloween was at the end of October and asked what she wanted to be for halloween.

“I still want to be a salamander.”

She wanted to be a salamander last year.  Don’t ask me where she got that idea but it’s still there.  And I can’t get it out of her head what a salamander should look like.  I bought a pattern last year but when I went to sew it together, she declared that salamaders were not green and her sister would have to wear the costume in progress.  So I chucked it and they were in store bought costumes: a bee and a ladybug.

Do you have a second choice, you know, just in case I can’t find a salamader?  It’s quiet for a minute.  “Um, I could be a pigeon.”

Seriously?  Who’s kid is this?  “And not one that honks because then I would be a goose.”  Point taken.

Well, what if Melia was a sheepy and you could be Little Bo Peep?  “No, Melia can be a sheep and I can be a salamader and you can be Big Bo Peep.”

Okay but what if I can’t find a salamander or a pigeon?  “You can just make one!”

I suppose I should be glad that she doesn’t want to be a princess like ever other four year old girl on the planet.  But now I have the challenge, once again, of finding the correct material with which to construct said salamander.  And, I tried showing her pictures of various lizards, frogs and dinosaurs hoping that one of them was close enough.  No dice.  So it’s time to fire up the Bernina and get crackin’ on the costumes.  I still like the idea of something matchy-matchy for the girls.  I’m a dork like that.

It’s raining buckets and I feel like fall is upon us.  I can’t hardly believe that summer is really over.  I’m glad for it.  I live where I do because I enjoy the change of seasons.  But I’m nervous.  I don’t know how I’m going to weather the fall.  I’m all achey just thinking about it.  The chili soup Saturdays, watching the Huskers play…the roast beef Sundays, sweat pants after church, dim afternoon naps, watching the Chiefs play…so much of that was us.  It was our routine even before the kids came along.  It kept us grounded and brought us together.  Nobody came, we didn’t go anywhere.  Cozy. 

I would do anything to have it all back.


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