Slow but noisy.

Slow news day.

Didn’t go anywhere, see anyone, encounter strange looks or clean up any bodily fluids.

The littles are fighting tooth and nail.  The little one is the instigator.  I’d like to say that my parenting style is “Let them work it out for themselves” but I’m not sure that they are capable unless large locks of hair are involved.  That’s Amelia’s new thing:  pulling hair.  And the screeching.  Holy buckets, the noise level in this house is multiplied by the layers of dirt and crumbs on everything.  It must make noise noisier. 

I’ve caught their late summer cold.  Or is this the first cold of the season?  I don’t know. 

The week will go fast.  I have a second set of littles tomorrow and Thursday.  4 kids, 700 square feet.  Oh how fun.  And then…Stephen’s mom (the nurse-hypochondriac with severe depression and martyr syndrome…but otherwise a lovely woman) and his mom’s step-sister (get that…my deceased husband’s step-aunt) are both coming Thursday night.  Friday, after Ella gets out of school, we are leaving for Minneapolis for the weekend.  Turns out, neither of them have ever been there.  So we will do Mall of America, IKEA and the various and sundry fabric outlet stores.  The mother land is calling me.

Lucky for me, she shows her love to her grandchildren by spending money on them.  Not necessarily buying them things but she’s springing for hotel rooms, meals out, gas there and back and they will probably come home with a trunkload of things intended for holiday gifts but that she won’t be able to hide or won’t be able to keep from them.  I really don’t mind.  She has good taste.  And she took my suggestion and booked us into the Hampton Inn.  Oh Hampton Inn…how I love you and your deep wood furniture, pillow top mattresses and full breakfasts. 

Honestly, the only thing that would make the weekend better is if the littles stayed home.  Well, not home-home but not with me.  But then I’d probably have to pay for my own room and my own hot wings at Joe Sensor’s.  Which would be worth every penny.


3 thoughts on “Slow but noisy.

  1. Mall of America?! Cool. I have never been there. I think it would be nice for the ladies to stay home with your kids and let you go! IKEA rocks. LOVE IT! Be well and have fun.

  2. Have fun! I live in the cities and don’t really frequent the MOA much anymore. I love shopping at the Albertville outlets though and we do have some good fabric stores.

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