Bottom bunk.

Short and sweet but Jill (Stephen’s mom) is here tonight.  She drove in and is taking the girls and I to MN for the weekend.  I’m so tired that I wish she were taking the girls and leaving me behind but whatever.  She’s in my bed so Amelia and I are bottom-bunking it in Ella’s room.  Which I probably should be doing for a while.  Ella’s been having nightmares.  Maybe not nightmares but something is making her restless when she sleeps.  She talks alot.

And how fun for me.

I’ll have my computer in MN.  I’m sure there will be some interesting conversation on the three hour drive.  She’s a nervous nellie anyway and she’s mapquested every. thing.  And she’s convinced that we should use the hotel shuttle to the MOA because she’s afraid of traffic and parking but I say that they don’t have carseats so no way.  “Oh, I didn’t think of that.”  That?  Right there?  Is why my kids won’t go alone for a long, long time.


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