Traveling with the littles and the biddies.

I’m in MSP with (former) MIL and the littles.  Oh, and my deceased husband’s step-Aunt (that would be his mom’s husband’s sister).  She’s with us too.  She an odd old bird.  She has rhumatoid arthritis real bad on one side so has to walk with a cane but she quilts like a fiend.  She also has a penchant for ladybugs, QVC and sensible shoes.  All those stores I ignore?  Yeah she has to stop and walk around.  Not buy anything mind you because of the “fixed income” situation that she reminds us about fifteen times an hour but wastes time, er, walks around and makes my kids nutso.

Traveling with two old ladies was not my idea of a good time.  But, the littles are getting some good grandma time in.  Jill needed that.  She’s doing better.  Not as jumpy as she used to be.  I hope she’s getting some therapy.  I suspect she is.  After we had been walking around the MOA for a while, Ella told me (as she had her 38 pound bony butt on my shoulders) that next time “Melia should stay home with Robyn and Aunt Sondra should stay at her own house and you and me and Grandma Jill will come by ourselves.”

Despite all I say about Jill, Ella loves her intensely…the same way she loves Bill (his dad).  It’s like she knows…somehow that they are so very important.  As much as I complain and fret over having her around or driving to her house or the dumbshit things they say, it really is a promise to Stephen that I am making good on.  And it’s good for Ella.  She gets to talk about her daddy even though Jill always changes the subject.  She just doesn’t know what to say I guess. 

Tomorrow is fabric store day (for the morning anyway) and then back to MOA.  I seem to have left town without any shoes for Amelia.  I’m not sure how that happened but I’m pretty sure there was an iced coffee involved that became suddenly more important.  She spent the day in her socks or barefoot.  I’m looking for a store that sells Robeez Treads or StrideRite or something for her flintstone-like wide feet.  Other than that, I’m going to try not to spend all the grocery money on fabric.  Kidding.  I left some cash at home for groceries.  But I hope to have a little self restraint.

Today is my baby sister’s 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Monica.  It’s hard to believe.  Harder than when I turned 30.  I was ready to be out of my 20s for sure. 

One year ago today, we brought Stephen home from Rochester.  He got checked into rehab locally.  He had his first bad CT.  The girls saw their dad for the first time in 11 days.  Ella just stared and then ignored him.  They never had much to say after that.  She was afraid I think.  She didn’t really want to visit and when she did visit, she didn’t want to stay.  She was pulling away.

Kids and animals?  Do they just know?  Do they have an intuition about who needs them around and who they can let go?  Do they know who is important and who will be in and out of their lives?


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