We are on a break.

The day came and went like all days as I am fond of saying. 

But the days are getting worse.  I pass out from exhaustion at night (and that’s a change) but the days…

I haven’t figured it out yet.

I’m not in a very good place right now.  Not anything dangerous so don’t send out the hounds.  But I am going to take a break.  From the interweb…from obligations…

I have to refocus.  Get some stuff figured out.  Cry some more. 

Oh, and PS:  to the bitch in the coffee shop who walked 20 feet to complain about my toddler near your tea… never turn your back on a two year old.  Any asshole knows that.


2 thoughts on “We are on a break.

  1. Coffee shop bitches are the worst. Put her on ‘ignore’, she cannot be enlightened. 😉

    You can go right back to taking it one minute at a time if you need to. Just do whatever you need to do, we’re here for you always. ❤

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